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Daniel Ek Is Not The Anti Christ He's Just A Very Naughty Boy!

Guinness record breaking band The Pocket Gods release their latest "Spotify protest" album of one hundred 30 second songs - called:

"Daniel Ek Is Not The Anti Christ He's Just A Very Naughty Boy!"

The band's previous album 1000X30 Nobody Makes Money Anymore album was a thousand songs each one thirty seconds long and gained worldwide media attention and even the attention of Mr Ek (founder of streaming giant Spotify.)

Why 30 seconds? Well Spotify pays out a paltry royalty of around £0.002 once a track reaches 30 seconds, and then no more. So why write longer songs?

The band have now recorded 15 albums of these 30 second songs and have gained 8 Guinness World Records along the way.

Their latest theme for the album is the state and future of the music industry with titles such as:

podcasts are the future just ask joe rogan
we don't talk about bruno mars .
Discover My Ass discovery Mode
defintely maybe £10 million for a reunion
I did a gig in the meta verse(it was full of reverts)

and er 95 others!

You can stream the album now on Soundcloud:

The band are currently making a film on their 30 second song success and the issues around music streaming and royalties called - Inspired The 30 Second Song Movie!

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