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Guinness Record breaking indie band The Pocket Gods release their new "indie future pop" album Bitcoins In The Fountain a concept pop album on life in 2022 and the technology driven future that awaits us.

The band go full on pop with Living In The Metaverse and Life In One Day and then go back to their indie roots with tracks like She Says Moon and This Is Now.

Other highlights include the indie hip-hop of 1st Class To Crickelwood and the debut single from the album The System is Down which has been a College Radio hit in the US. NFT (no fucking talent) is about the latest trend of converting songs and albums into NFTs and making a Bitcoin mint....or not.

The band were formed in 1998 and this is their 77th album and have been championed by the likes of Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq as well as being briefly discovered by DJ John Peel.

The band's Spotify protest albums of 30 second songs, including the recent 1000X30 album, have gained them fans worldwide. The band protested against the lack of fair royalties from Spotify which earned them a meeting with their head of music who as a concession allowed 30 second songs to be considered for their playlists, and that they would pass on prices rises to artists.

Front man Mark Christopher Lee says:

"It was fun and hard work producing the 1000 thirty second song album but people don't realise that we're actually a proper indie band who've been going since the 1990's and this new album sees us invent a new genre - future indie pop - we never stand still we will always push boundaries."

TPGs Moon_edited.jpg


TPGs Moon_edited.jpg


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